Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tips for earning free trip in Deluxe Bus

  • First search for best bus travel sites on online, offering reward points for each travel. 
  • To make a free trip start earning points by registering your details in particular site.
  • You will receive one point for every one way reservation and two points for round trip reservation whenever you make a journey in particular bus.
  • Your points will routinely accredit to your created account after each reservation in particular bus like BUS DC TO NY.
  • Once you received enough points to request for free trips, just log in to your account and make a reservation for purchasing ticket to have a free trip. 
  • In order to get free one way trip ticket your reward points should reach 8 points and for round trip you should earn a minimum of 16 points.
  • The points you earned for each trip in your account will never expire.
  • If you do not have enough points for a round way trip and you must want to redeem your points, then you will be charge for remaining portion of purchasing tickets.

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