Monday, January 30, 2012

Racing title for Dacia goes first time to Prost duo

Renault brand Dacia has claimed its first title in motorsport thanks to Alain Prost and son Nicolas. After a dramatic last-lap ice racing clash, the former World Champion Frenchman achievement in the Trochee Andros in a Lodgy Glace model.

The Prost blend, teamed up with Evens Stievenart, was implicated in a highly interesting late-race tussle after the car had been repaired following contact. With Alain driving to his third and Dacia's fourth conquest of the 2011/12 season, this brought home the marque's first motor racing crown of any kind.

Prost claimed his first Formula 1 titles for McLaren in 1985 and 1986 before beating Ayrton Senna when the two team-mates notoriously collided at Suzuka in 1989. Following a year’s sabbatical, he made a return with Williams ahead of retiring from the sport at the end of a dominant 1993 season.

World Water Vacation Trip - Aruba

Aruba is said to be one of the constituent country that took charge in forming the kingdom Netherlands. Aruba is surrounded by rocks and many cliffs on one side and Caribbean Sea on the other side. It is perfect for swimming as well as snorkeling. In between there was a desert landscape that looks charming. There were many hotels with the availability of mixed food.

Aruba acts as a king to the water sports. The following are some of the water sports.

1. Scuba Diving:
If you want to be a temporary driver, then Aruba will provide you the chance it seems. Aruba is best for some of the best diving activities. So scuba diving is one of them. Along with it there are more than 42 major dives providing incredible enjoyment.

2. Wind Surfing:

Aruba is a heaven for windsurfing. It contains pure and crystal free water that hardly drops less than 75 degree F.

3. Deep Sea Fishing:

As the temperature of water in Aruba is different, there gets a nice chance in fishing the Atlantic game fishes year round. We can get many varieties of fishes say kingfish, barracuda, shark, sailfish, blue and also white marlin, Wahoo etc.We also can find black fin and yellow fin in the deep water.

4. Banana Boats:

 This was a big ride on a tube structured boat which is also called as banana boat. Here you can watch the stunning water beauty of the Aruba beaches by riding across the waves. This was a great family adventure that shouldn’t be missed. They can be rented mostly from any local boat operators or from the water sport center

5. Jet Ski:

 As Aruba is a playground for many water games, Jet Ski in Aruba plays a major role and it is the major activity for the complete family. The game offers both warm and calm water that looks very clear. We can get the Jet skis very frequently near the beaches, hotels etc.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tips for earning free trip in Deluxe Bus

  • First search for best bus travel sites on online, offering reward points for each travel. 
  • To make a free trip start earning points by registering your details in particular site.
  • You will receive one point for every one way reservation and two points for round trip reservation whenever you make a journey in particular bus.
  • Your points will routinely accredit to your created account after each reservation in particular bus like BUS DC TO NY.
  • Once you received enough points to request for free trips, just log in to your account and make a reservation for purchasing ticket to have a free trip. 
  • In order to get free one way trip ticket your reward points should reach 8 points and for round trip you should earn a minimum of 16 points.
  • The points you earned for each trip in your account will never expire.
  • If you do not have enough points for a round way trip and you must want to redeem your points, then you will be charge for remaining portion of purchasing tickets.