Monday, March 4, 2013

Complete guide for Transmission Flush

Transmission flush helps to clean the old transmission fluid residue in the Transmission. This is the process you must do regularly to increase your car transmission life.

  • Extended Transmission life
  • Smoother function
  • More reliability
  • Remove deposits
Perform Flushing for Transmission
Generally Transmission is of two type’s namely manual transmission and automatic transmission. Obviously flushing is also different for these two kinds of transmission.
Here in this article we provided you simple ways on how to flush manual and automatic transmission.
Manual Transmission Flush:
  • Place your vehicle on jack stands.
  • Keep the pan under the car’s transmission
  • Get rid of the plug of transmission and allow the fluid to drain into the pan.
  • Tightly replace the plug to its position on the transmission.
  • Using hand pump pour the best interior decorator in kanpur new transmission fluid into the transmission.
  • Remove the jack stands and take your car for test drive to check for any leaks. If there is any sign of leaks then its better to take your car to transmission shop.
Automatic Transmission Flush:
  • Start the car; leave it stable until it gets to normal temperature and turn it off.
  • Place the car on jack stands.
  • Place the 5 gallon bucket under the automatic transmission.
  • Remove the plug of transmission and place it in the bucket.
  • Now start the vehicle so that the transmission fluid drains out into the bucket.
  • After the fluid completely drains, start adding new transmission fluid immediately.
  • Then stop the car and replace the plug on the transmission.
  • Remove the jack stands and again start the car.
  • Wait until its gets to normal temperature and then take it to test drive.