Tuesday, April 19, 2011

International shipping at All America Auto Transport

It is common knowledge that car transport from one destination to another is a risky proposition and it becomes increasingly so if you are moving your vehicle internationally. For this reason, many moving companies were quite reluctant to accept assignments for overseas auto transport.

However, things have since changed with the arrival of some frontline auto transport companies like All America Auto Transport (AAAT). AAAT in America has been transporting vehicles both within USA and overseas for the last four decades and more. Auto transporting – be it nationally or internationally - needs lot of experience and skills and AAAT is adept in doing this.

Further, the advantages of entrusting your auto transport assignment to AAAT are - the company is scrupulously honest, thoroughly reliable, known for its professionalism and unique sense of customer service. Surprisingly, the rates quoted by AAAT are extremely competitive and in keeping with market norms – that is to say, you will not be spending more though engaging a frontline auto transport company.

The company is known to provide free auto transport tips and suggestions to its prospective customers and have all the auto transport resources at their command. AAAT will send you free international car shipping quote without obligation.

If you are planning to move your vehicle internationally and at the same time want to feel relaxed and carefree, it is necessary that you engage an auto transport company that has a sound track record in overseas auto transport – and AAAT can easily be the right choice.

AAAT is known to deftly handle the complicated task of international auto transport using the best tools and professionally qualified workforce. The company has a team of seasoned personnel to do all the related functions like car inspection, preparing the vehicle for shipping, pick up and drop etc.

Like all vehicle shipping companies, AAAT also offers you two modes of vehicle transportation - open and enclosed and it is a question of your personal preference to select the one you need. Either enclosed or open, AAAT offers you these services at an affordable and competitive price.

All the same, you must appreciate that moving your vehicle overseas is a costly proposition and the rates will vary depending on the distance to be covered and taxes and other levies of the destination countries. Remember that to drive your vehicle after it reaches its destination country, you should possess a state/country issued valid driver’s license and also pay the applicable registration fees and obtain the new license plates.

Following are some valuable tips to help you successfully transport your vehicle overseas:

Please ensure that your vehicle doe not contain more than ¼ tank of fuel.
Ascertain from the U.S Department of State details regarding the applicable fees and the nature of documents needed to drive your vehicle after it reaches the new destination country.
Note down the vehicle speedometer reading and thoroughly clean the vehicle before bringing it to the port.
Make sure to carry a valid ID card and two sets of keys.
In the event the vehicle is financed or leased, you should possess a clear written permission from the finance or leasing company allowing you to move the vehicle overseas.
Make it a point to read and understand the liability statements and obtain all the relevant documents from AAAT.

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