Monday, May 16, 2011

Transportation of Cars Via Trucks

Transportation is said to be the arteries and veins in a country. Effective development and usage of transportation determines its growth capacity because one single day without transportation will lead to world come on a stand still point. With the advent of modernization people started shifting from one place to another either for businesses or even for many other social and political reasons.

This created demand for transportation of all goods such as households and even automobiles. This gave lead to great business corporate. Certain companies specialize in transportation form of business. car transport means transporting of automobiles from one place to another in a safe and secured way. Transportation can be done in various ways such as rail transport, shipping, road transport etc, if a customer chooses road transport one among the most prominently used is the transportation of cars via trucks.

A truck is a vehicle generally used to carry goods. A smaller truck is of a size of a commercial vehicle and is used to carry smaller loads and a bigger truck is huge that it can carry automobiles in it. Transportation of cars via trucks is a very common phenomena we would have seen new cars been brought to the showroom from factories. But how safe is to transfer cars from one state to another or from one country to another? Many transporting companies guarantee safe and secure transit of the vehicle but how many keep up to its words? It is the responsibility of the customer to have a clean check and the assign the job to the company and it is also the duty of the company to stand up on the guarantee it gives.

A few hints suggested here so that these can serve helpful in effective transportation of cars via trucks

First of all it is the customer's duty to remove all belongings such as keys and other material from the car which has intensity to damage the car during transit. It is also a obliged duty that even the transporter examine the car before it is loaded onto the truck.

Secondly check the working of the car and also check the damages on the car before it is loaded so that when it reaches the destination you can cross check and claim compensation if u detect damages.

Next is that the terms, agreements, conditions between the client and the company should be transparent and mutually agreed upon.

The next is to check whether the company provided door to door service as it is a hectic job for the customer to get his vehicle drawn from the office of the customer.

Further the client should examine the truck carefully in which his car is to loaded if any extra articles are found that can be de loaded generally trucks are examined because certain articles present in the truck can damage the car in it.
The client should also interact with the truck driver to ensure that his vehicle is in safe hands.

the most important is the client should take it in writing that any loss incurred on his vehicle from the date he has handed over his vehicle he should be given the right to claim compensation. Because road transportation is more prone to accidents.

Last is the efficient packing of the vehicle. A car should be properly packed so that there are no damages in loading and de loading.

There tips if followed would reduce the chances of damage.

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