Sunday, May 20, 2012

Travelling Washington to New York by bus

People who live in U.S. or who come to visit U.S. are often found are often found very keen to visit New York. The New York is prominent place for its tours. There are different ways of reaching New York. You can go by bus from Washington to New York. To return, you can come by bus from New York to Washington. If you take a flight from DC to NY, it will not take enough time; however traveling by flight is quite expensive.

Whereas if you are traveling by bus to New York, it will hardly take five to six hours and the traveling cost is also very reasonable. You also have to pay $ 20 to travel the one side.  However, these rates can differ a little bit depending on your coach you are taking with you. You can find many BUS DC TO NY providers who provide bus services between DC to NY. There are many bus agencies which are running their services between these two places and providing the affordable services 

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