Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bus Time Schedule – How to Read

A bus map shows the routes its services and can inform people about its stops. It cannot show the rider when it will arrives at bus stops, at what time the bus starts etc. Only bus time schedules explain the bus timings and stopping places. You can read a bus schedule with little information which is given below

View the top of the bus time schedule to know about the intermediate bus stops on that exact route. Then look out the columns under each bus stop that clears you the timings in which the bus arrives at every stops. The earliest time and the latest time will be shown on the time schedule.

Read it horizontally to get the time taken by the bus to reach from one stop to another with how long it gets to complete the direction.

To view the afternoon schedule look at the left-hand side of the bus time schedules. During business hours buses are apt to come more frequently to stops.

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